Addiction Recovery Coaching

What if a loved one was slipping back into addiction to opioid painkillers, alcohol or any drug for that matter? What if you confronted him and he denied it or said that it wasn’t that bad? What if you asked him to go back to rehab and he said he’d think about it but he never brought it up again? Imagine he said he’d get help, but just couldn’t afford to take the time off from work that would be required for residential treatment – but he might consider an outpatient program. Would you know where to look? You might even be the person with the drug or alcohol problem, asking yourself these questions. How might you answer? Who would you turn to?

What is Addiction Recovery Coaching?

Recovery Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that supports individuals who are considering (or may be in) recovery from addictions.

Professional Recovery Coaches work:

* With their clients to set and reach powerful, effective, meaningful and relevant goals.
* Ask their clients to go beyond where they would have gone on their own.
* Help clients sharpen and maintain focus to more quickly produce results.

* Provide the tools, encouragement, support and structure to accomplish more.

As an Addiction Recovery Coach I can help provide the support needed to help someone stay sober and regain their life back from the life threatening tentacles of addictions.

Our nation is in an opiod crisis from the boardrooms of corporate America to surburbia all the way to our urban and rural communities.

It is affecting everyone directly or indirectly!

I am certified by the state of Missouri as a Missouri Associated Alcohol and Drug Coach (MAADC2) and as a Medical Assistant Recovery Specilast (MARS). But mainly I bring a lifetime of experience. I was addicted to drugs and alcohol at a very early age until God stepped in and delivered me from sure death. I wrote a book “Grasping At The Wind” (available on my product page) that chronicles my struggles. I’m 20 years clean now from ANY substance and I want to help any and everyone stuck in the addiction cycle experience the freedom I now enjoy in my life.

Please contact me if you, your recovery organization or church is interested in my services as an Addiction Recovery Coach. Check out my workshops and seminars I offer on my Workshop and Seminar page.