Coaching Agreement

2024 Coaching Agreement

“Renewed Mind Life Coaching LLC) Coaching Agreement”

My name is Alfred T Long Sr. , and I am a CTA Certified Coach as well as Certified Breakthrough Coach. I am the founder of Renewed Mind Life Coaching LLC. Below is the Coaching Agreement for our Coaching Relationship.

_____________________________________________________________Name of Coach

_________________________________________________________Name of Client (S)

Welcome to Renewed Mind Life Coaching LLC!

Coaching is an ongoing alliance between a Coach and  the person (s) being Coached (client). In order for Coaching to work there needs to be a clear goal that is established by the client. Coaching helps the client move from where they start to where the want to get. Coaching embraces moving forward to both Results and Growth for and by the client.  The Coach will not provide solutions or give the Client directions to follow. The Coach will facilitate the Client to have self discovery in these areas.

As your Coach, I will only be providing Coaching and I will only use the methods that a Masterful Coach would use as defined by the International Coaching Federation.  Our Coaching relationship will follow all of the Ethical Guidelines spelled out by the International Coaching Federation. All information will be held in strict confidentiality unless I am ordered by the Court to give that information or if the information given in a session reveals that a client is preparing to do harm to him or her self or to others (Coaching has limited confidentiality immunity in these areas).


  • Coaching can be in person, via telephone or by virtual meeting on line. We will meet________________________
  • Coaching sessions will be scheduled for an agreeable time by the Coach and Client_ every ___________________
  • Most Coaching sessions will be one hour long and be scheduled every other week (unless another schedule is agreed upon)
  • The client and/or the Coach must inform the other at least 24 hours before a scheduled session if the session needs to be cancelled.
  • If a client does not notify the Coach of a cancellation and is 15 minutes or more late to a scheduled session, the session will be cancelled, rescheduled and the client will be expected to pay for the session that is missed unless the Coach waives the charge
  • There will be a free Intake session between the Coach and the Client to establish a Coaching Relationship and to Determine the Goal and Focus of the Coaching Agreement
  • The Coach will keep records of each session and will provide the client with written feedback of each session
  • The Coaching Agreement between the Coach and the Client can be terminated by mutual agreement by either or both parties
  • The Coach and the Client will maintain a professional Coaching relationship as defined by the International Coaching Federation.
  • The Coach will refer the Client to another Coach if it is in the best interest of the client
  • The client may e-mail the Coach as needed in between session on topics relating to the Coaching they are receiving. Professional boundaries must be honored by both the Coach and Client


  • Fees for our Coaching Relationship are established by this Coaching Agreement and are listed in the website.
  • Fees will not be arbitrarily changed, but may be changed by mutual agreement between the Coach and the Client
  • Renewed Mind Life Coaching LLC does not bill and all payments must be made prior to a Coaching session or bundle of sessions
  • There are Coaching packages available that provide a financial benefit to the client when sessions are bundled together (3 session bundle, 6 session bundle, etc.)

Payment Agreement

  • The cost of your Coaching will be $__75_______/hour or $_399__________/Coaching bundle of __6____sessions

Coaching assumes that each person in the Coaching Relationship (Coach/Client) is guided by his or her values and beliefs. Renewed Mind Life Coaching has a Christian perspective and I seek to live their my life according to that perspective. Renewed Mind Life Coaching  is honest in making this disclosure but respects the values and beliefs of others. I will not seek to impose my values and beliefs on others and thus will not try to proselytize, condemn or refuse Coaching services to others who hold different beliefs unless those differences hinder the Coaching relationship and limit the effectiveness of the Coaching relationship. If that occurs, the Coach will offer to refer the Client to another Coach.

Each of the persons whose signatures appear below agrees that this agreement represents a mutual understanding of the above unless the conditions are mutually terminated and/or re negotiated.

_____________________________________     __________________Date

(signature of Client)

_____________________________________     _________________Date